JALASTAIR Logo Process
J/A Monogram

Actually, this is more a rebranding. The name JALASTAIR is a combination of John and Alastair, the English versions of my first names. So also the logo/symbol should illustrate this combination. So I decided to create a monogram. After some sketching, I came up with this idea and really liked the contrast of thick plus thin lines. The starting point for the vectorization was a geometrical form. Then I had the base for the monogram and the final step was to adapt the thickness. Voilà.

I’m using this name or brand for my activities as a designer as well as a musician. The symbol and the letter mark will be consistent but the two roles will visually differentiated through an inverted use of black & white. In addition to the two contrasts I will use a highlight color. There is no fixed color concept for the musician role because the colors depend on the artwork of the current single, EP or album.

For the letter mark I used the font Nexa Light. This one will be also used for different logo variations or badges. For the web and other texts I’ll use Roboto and Helvetica.


JALASTAIR Business Cards

Single Artwork


The song is about a person that inspires you to be the best version of yourself and is the anchor of your head.

As the word is, the eyes are the window on the soul. Therefore the logo and the artwork is built around the eye.

To promote the single I designed a sticker and a flyer that can be distributed among bars, coffee houses and so on.


JALASTAIR Muse Sticker

You, the girl

The song is about that one girl. The struggle of finding her and not losing faith in life that the day will come.

The artwork of the single tries to symbolize the substance of the story and the message. A picture of a mysterious girl in front of the sea.

Also for this single I created a flyer to promote it. Besides that, I made a design for a merchandise article, a metal mug.

JALASTAIR You, the girl Cover
JALASTAIR You, the girl Mug
JALASTAIR You, the girl Flyer

Sober Mind

The song is about moments in life where the mind is in conflict with the heart. At this point, the mind is anything but sober.

The single artwork is at the moment in progress. It’s all up in the air. Maybe the artwork won’t contain the design of the logo.

The sticker or the logo was the starting point and one of the first stickers for JALASTAIR. I also figured out that it can work as a keychain.

JALASTAIR Sober Mind Artwork

JALASTAIR Sober Mind Sticker

JALASTAIR Sober Mind Keychain


The song is generally about me being just a dreamer. The logo is inspired by the lyrics “free like a bird in the endless sky”.

There already exists an idea for the single artwork. It will maybe be an illustration of the described pictures in the lyrics.

Also for this song I designed and produced a sticker based on the logo. Furthermore, I began to design a T-Shirt for the song.

JALASTAIR Dreamer Artwork

JALASTAIR Dreamer Sticker

JALASTAIR Dreamer T-Shirt

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