The chronicles of me & my music

The chronicles
of me & my music

The hard way. I definitely needed some attempts to get to where I am today. However, I am happy about what I experienced so far even if I am far away to be a serious musician. But things can always change. 

I think everything started with singing along to the music my mother played on the cd player. She was and is still hearing kind of alpine folk music (Schlager). In retrospect, I can’t understand why I liked as a five-year-old child but I was young and let’s say confused. Anyway, because I often sang along to music my mother wanted me to enter a music school. When I first met the teacher he said to me: „Sing something for me“ and my reply was: „I definitely won’t sing for YOU“.

So I didn’t attend the music school as a child. The next try to get involved with music was in the third class of the elementary school where I took guitar lessons. Sadly, I didn’t have the endurance at this age to stick with it and so I stopped playing soon. I think at this age also my music taste shifted to pop songs from Backstreet Boys. After this, there was a big gap in terms of musical activities. At the boarding school, I first discovered and started to like Punk music. Maybe because I wasn’t that happy at this school and screwing things up regularly.

With fourteen I changed to the business high school and there I got in contact with a new genre as well as new friends. By this time the Emocore started to get popular, at least at my age group. My favorite bands at this time were, for example, Silverstein, Story of the year, Fightstar. Therefore I started to sing and scream along that kind of music. Somehow a friend of mine who was playing guitar came in contact with a drummer that had a rehearsal room and so on. Behind the ears, as we were, we started a band called Famous Calling and planing three concerts three months later. That meant we had to write songs with no experience and no time to seriously improve. Everything went too quickly. To be honest we were quite shitty but we regardless hit the studio. We recorded three songs and this was also one of the last activities as a band. Through my friend, I found out that the producer criticized me behind me. He also told me that the drummer said that he could do better than me and so I left the band. I couldn’t deal with the deviousness because we ware also friends. In the end the band the dissolved and everybody went one’s way.

After all that I think I made another attempt to learn to play guitar but because I didn’t saw some improvement I stopped again. Because of this experience and losing self-confidence, I also stopped making music for a long time. From time to time my friend, who played guitar, and I covered some songs but that was it. My music taste also started to get skittish. I was listening fo everything from Alternative, Rock to DnB and Techno.

During my early twenties, I got obsessed with acoustic music and covers. I wasn’t listening to the originals anymore, I just listened to acoustic covers on youtube. At the age of 22 or so, I tried to learn to play guitar once again and I don’t know why, but this time it worked! I managed to learn basic songs. I quickly also tried to learn to sing along and play guitar simultaneously. That was also the motivation to learn it. You can see it took me many tries to learn it and I’m still an amateur. I also started to attend vocal coaching at a private music school. Within a relatively short time, I started to write some own songs. Then my friend from my first band and I started to play together again. We decided to attend a band coaching at the music school to work on my songs. We played two concerts which were hosted by the music school but in the end, we had different ambitions. We stopped attending music school and also playing together. I went on on my own and didn’t have the guts to seriously play somewhere.

Since then I mostly played for friends for special occasions and tow times at an open stage in Klagenfurt. That’s not a hell of a lot, but I still had low self-confidence although I always got good feedback.

I’m still trying to improve myself and my songs, but I definitely want to play more live in the future. I will try to post regular content on Instagram, so if you are interested, just follow me there. Someday I will hopefully also record some of my own songs and I can share them with the world.How did my music taste develop? Now I’m 27 and I think I couldn’t fix it on a genre, because either I like the music or not. Sometimes it’s just one song, sometimes it’s every song of a band or just an album. I hope you enjoyed this little story about my way.

Thanks for reading.

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