How to design a solid event photo for Facebook

How to design a solid
event photo for Facebook

The “perfect” size for a FB event photo

The Facebook recommended size for an event photo is 1,200 x 628 pixels. In the main views, the event itself and in a post or a promotion, this size works very well. However, one should note that you should not position important information and elements in some areas, because of different views (Web & Mobile) crop the image. For example, if someone uses Canva for their creations, they can choose from templates in the sizes 1,920 x 1,080 and 784 x 295 pixels. Both sizes or ratios have the disadvantage that they do not fit exactly into the intended frame of Facebook and must be positioned either horizontally or vertically. Thus, not the entire picture is displayed. For me, the ideal size is recommended by Facebook, but of course, the use of Canva has many advantages, especially if you do not use a conventional graphics program.

Facebook Event Photo on event page

Probably the best way to demonstrate the cut-off areas and constraints is to use a separate example that is not optimally designed. The two views that do not work well are the hover view at the personal and upcoming events on a Facebook page. In the hotspots (black dots) you will find comments on my “Fails” or the reasons for this design.

Facebook Event Photo Web View

Facebook Event Photo at Business Page

FB event photo in the new iOS App

Since May, Facebook has released a new app design and that also included changes for the presentation of the events. Sidenote, I do not know if I’m the only one who thinks that way, but the app icon now just looks inconsistent by centering the f. Anyway, this post is about the design of event photos and how they look in the app. The fact that mobile use is very important and will become even more important, you should also think about it when you design an event picture. There are four different views in which you can see the event photo. In the picture below you can see all of them based on my example and you can also see that my design was suboptimal.

Updated Views

I don’t really know when Facebook updated the event view in the iOS app but it’s interesting to see what changed. There are now only two views in an event. A big view where almost the whole picture is shown and a really small one that you shouldn’t care about when you design an event picture. Maybe Facebook realized that the views from the first release are useless. Furthermore, the full-size view was enlarged to the top of the status bar. All in all, it’s an improvement because you now only have to think about two views when you design a picture.

Template for previewing the different views (Updated)

To counter this in the future and to do it better, I cobbled together something. I’ve prepared a PSD (not pixel perfect) that makes it easy to see, by fading layers, how your design will look on the different devices. Anyone who creates often or even occasionally graphics with Photoshop for events might find this template helpful. The different previews can be helpful during the creation or just to test the design for the different views. In this sense, if you would like to use or optimize the template, just download it! In conclusion there it’s almost impossible to design the picture perfectly.


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